Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Minding your manners & driving with your seat belt on.

Autumn is knocking.
These same old tunes on repeat.
The artist paints the leaves extraordinary colors; such a tedious job.

A cyclic life.
Passing through a house of mirrors.
A skeleton frame with new dressings; our ghosts reappear, attempting to haunt us over again.

Thoughts and dreams - some have become truths while others have been forgotten.
Riding a roller coaster through the seasons of life; such a wondrous ride.

I chased the kite down a different path than before, and stumbled upon a field filled with the most magnificent flowers.

Monotony & repetition.
Learn to appreciate the sights, the sounds, the smells -- Experience everything anew.

One day the clouds will turn grey and mask the rays of sunlight that once shown down.
Those dimples may play hide and seek.
It is okay to cry like the sky does.
Embrace the wind and let it take you wherever it pleases.

The tall, sturdy oak will never fall.
The leaves sprinkle to the ground, but someone always picks them up and puts them back where they belong.
A never ending circle.

You will be okay, always.

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