Thursday, November 17, 2011

A letter to the Devil.

I carefully folded my clothes and gently set them into my suitcase.
I smiled and waved as I drove off into the afternoon sun.

Rewind. <<<<<<<

Swollen, puffy eyes greet me in the morning. Salty tears streaked and stained my blotchy red skin. I huff and puff attempting to catch my breath as it escapes from my lungs. Ransacking my own living quarters and shoving any and every thing I can catch into my bag. I did not walk, I ran.

As fast as I could, I ran.

Did I look back? Hell, no.

There are no words to describe my hurt, my pain, my happiness, or the depth to which I love.

I love you. That is all I can say.

........I love you and that has to be enough.


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